Minimalist Paddle Board Wall Rack

  • Wall rack SUP and surfboard storage
  • Rust-free aluminum supports up to 55 lbs
  • Padded arms for SUP rail protection
  • Easy installation; mounting hardware included
  • Extra space to store your paddle behind your SUP

Want to show off your SUP and keep it safely stored? Our GILI Minimalist Paddle Board Wall Rack is for you!

The GILI Minimalist Paddle Board Wall Rack is a perfect choice for someone who wants both a functional and aesthetically pleasing SUP storage solution. Our Minimalist Wall Rack is simple yet highly effective! The padded arms simply fade away once your paddle board takes its place front and center. Time to show off your pride and joy, all while knowing it’s suspended safely.

Carefully designed and manufactured aluminum arms that are perfectly padded for additional protection for your SUP. This is one wall rack you don’t want to miss.

High-Quality Construction

  • Durable hardware: At GILI, we only use the best materials and hardware in our products. Our Minimalist Paddle Board Wall Rack is made from top-quality aluminum that is both tough and rust-resistant.
  • Ribbed design: We've designed each wall rack a ribbed design in order to keep the mounts lightweight and ultra-rigid. Properly mounted in your wall, you can be sure your SUP isn't going anywhere.
  • Grip padded arms: Soft foam padding is carefully wrapped around the arms to give your board the most amount of protection while being stored.

Minimalist Storage

  • Lightweight and non-intrusive: The beauty of this simple wall rack is that it doesn’t intrude on more space than required. It can be installed across any clear wall space, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Show off your SUP: This wall rack disappears once your SUP is in place, meaning all eyes on your stand up paddle board!

Compatible with all GILI SUPs with the exception of our 12'/15' Multi-person Manta Ray paddle boards.

Recommended Sizing

Fits all paddle boards up to 50 lbs, 37" wide, and up to 6" thick, and nearly any length.