Paddle Board Accessories

Stand Up Paddle Board Accessories for Sale

From high pressure paddle board pumps, leashes, kayak conversion kits, and more - we've got all the accessories you'll need for every SUP outing.

Upgrade your Paddle Board Kit with Accessories from GILI

Whether you're looking for ways to inflate your board faster, to protect your board better, or to enhance your SUP experience - you'll find it here.

Since we all have our own way of paddle boarding, we offer a variety of accessories to make your experience unique and fun.

We equip our stand up paddle boards with extra d-rings, so you can install a Kayak Seat or use our Kayak Paddle Conversion Kits. If you've always wanted a hybrid SUP and Kayak - now you can have one!

Cool, Unique SUP Accessories

We offer unique accessories like SUP Mini-Anchors, which are great for SUP Fishing and SUP Yoga. And our cooler bags are a great, easy way to keep beverages super cold on a hot summer day.

Our SUP Carry Straps make carrying your board that extra hundred feet that much easier, and frees up your hands.

SUP Accessories for Fishing

Grab a few Scotty Mounts to hold your fishing poles, and you may want to grab a Cooler Deck bag as well. Our 12' Adventure and 11'6 Meno come with Scotty Mounting plates - so gear up and head out!

Pump it Up: Paddle Board Pumps

Last but not least, check out our GILI High Pressure Triple Chamber pump. Standard equipment with our Meno Series, these pumps inflate your iSUP in half the time of our standard pump. For the easiest, most convenient way to inflate your SUP grab one of our electric SUP pumps.

We never leave land without a Dry Bag and a Waterproof Phone Case. They've saved us more than once when we've gone overboard. I like to keep a towel and a change of clothes in my dry bag.

Don't see an accessory you're looking for here? Contact us and we'll help you out - even if we currently don't stock it.