iSUP Dolphin Snap In Center Fin

The GILI Snap-In Center Fin forms part of the standard fin box set-up for all your paddling excursions. Attaches quickly and securely to your board in seconds.

The GILI 8” Dolphin Snap-In Center Fin is designed for all conditions. The long center fin helps keep the board in a straight line, which helps you get to your destination quicker. The round profile prevents the fin from getting stuck on weeds or other debris. Combines with the GILI Snap-In Side Fins to give you the most versatile set-up.


  • Versatile - suitable for all paddling conditions
  • Strong - responsive nylon flex construction
  • Convenient - snaps in and out of fin boxes in seconds
  • Safe - rounded shape for maximum safety


MODEL GILI iSUP Snap In Center Fin
SIZE 8 Inches