Snap In Side Fins (Pair)

The 4.5" GILI Snap In Side Fins form part of a standard fin set-up that will allow you to paddle in a variety of conditions. Attaches quickly and securely to your board in seconds.

MODEL GILI iSUP Snap In Side Fin
SIZE 4.5 Inches

The fin attaches to the rear mounted side fin boxes in a matter of seconds without tools, and can be removed when paddling in very shallow water or using your GILI board indoors. The fin shape and profile allow it to move through debris and obstacles in the water. The soft construction makes the fin durable and keeps you safe from potential cuts.

  • Versatile - these fins are well-suited to any conditions
  • Strong - responsive nylon flex construction
  • Agile - streamlined design for increased maneuverability
  • Safe - round profile to promote safety

The GILI Snap In Side Fin is standard on all of our inflatable paddle boards.