Why buy from GILI Sports


GILI Islands: GILI Meno

I founded GILI Sports for two reasons:

To Design & Build the best Stand Up Paddle Boards possible.

To Help save our Word’s Oceans and Sea creatures in a sustainable way. 

Ever since I was a little kid I was fascinated by lakes, rivers, and especially the ocean. When I left home on a worldwide trip I learned how to surf, scuba dive, and paddle board. I was hooked in minutes. But I noticed an alarming problem wherever I traveled: trash-ridden beaches, bleached coral reefs, and the dwindling population of our ocean’s endangered species left an impact on me I'll never forget.

I could have simply donated money to various charities, but I wanted to create a sustainable way to save our world’s oceans. Around this time I was traveling in China and discovered an amazing product I had never seen before: the inflatable paddle board. What if I could build high quality paddle boards with a portion of each S.U.P. sale going to save our Ocean’s? And that’s how GILI Sports was born.

Every paddle board you buy from us helps us save our Oceans, Coral Reefs, and Endangered Animals.

Founder, GILI Sports

P.S. I named GILI after a small, beautiful island chain not far from Bali, Indonesia consisting of three, small islands. The locals call them The Three Gilis.