Yoga Paddle Boards

Take your yoga to the next level: on the water! SUPs designed to perform well for yoga, flatwater, and paddle board fitness exercises.

Practice Yoga Outdoors with a SUP Yoga Board

Are you ready for new scenery and a new challenge? Grab an iSUP - you'll experience yoga as you never have before: on the water in an outdoor environment. You'll engage muscles you forgot you had while improving your core strength. Suddenly, beginner poses you thought you mastered take on a new challenge. If you want to enhance your yoga or if you imagine yourself flowing through yoga poses on the water - SUP Yoga is for you.

Not only can SUP yoga challenge you, but it can also be very relaxing - the combination of a tranquil lake and focused flow will still your mind.

Your Perfect iSUP Yoga Board is Waiting for You

Although SUP Yoga can be performed on hard (or epoxy) SUPs and inflatable SUPs, we highly recommend inflatables for practicing yoga. Inflatable paddle boards sit higher above the water and are generally more stable. Additionally, iSUPs offer more space than traditional boards, and they are also much more portable. We offer a selection of boards with extra-length and full-length traction pads to maximize your comfort during yoga sessions

Don't forget - our yoga SUPs are versatile and perform well in all-around duties as well. If you need help finding the perfect yoga paddle board for sale, give us a call (or chat with us).