Fishing Paddle Boards

Are you an angler looking for the perfect fishing paddle board? Our fishing SUPs are specifically created with fishermen in mind.

Hook Tons More Fish with a Fishing Stand Up Paddle Board

Since the birth of paddle boarding, fishermen have been adapting SUPs for fishing - and for good reason. With a fishing SUP, you can reach fishing spots inaccessible by boat, and you often have a better vantage point from a SUP than a large boat. Fishing from a SUP is also a great workout, and it's quieter than fishing from a boat.

Wish a fishing SUP, you'll be able to paddle into undisturbed fish populations on any body of water - lakes, oceans, small ponds, and even rivers.

Hook, Line, & Sinker: We've got a Fishing SUP for You

All of GILI's fishing SUPs are well suited to fishing. Our boards feature extra-wide decks for increased stability and lots of space for all of your fishing gear. Dual, oversized bungees provide ample storage for your tackle box, ice chest, rods, and life jacket. We've also included tons of d-rings for mounting any extra gear you could think to bring along.

Many of our customers use our 11' Adventure Paddle Board for their fishing excursions.

Take the bait and discover why paddleboard fishing growing in popularity! If you need help finding the perfect fishing paddle board for sale, give us a call (or chat with us).