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Man wearing a life jacket paddling using GILI meno touring paddle board

“An exceptional paddleboard brand for anybody looking for a high-quality, recreational paddleboard.”

The Online Watersports Magazine, DiveIn.com recently reviewed a number of our inflatable paddleboards. This is a summary of their experience: 

“We’ve tested quite a few inflatable SUPs made by GILI Sports and had some very positive experiences. We found them all to be high-quality boards with smart designs that maximize the purpose of each model in its intended segment. In particular, GILI’s all-rounder models offer some of the most impressive boards by value compared to other major brands.

3 of the iSUPs DiveIn tested and reviewed are the GILI Adventure 11’, the GILI Meno 12’6”, and the GILI Manta 15’. These are snippets of their positive reviews, which can be read in full online:

The GILI Adventure 11’

Man wearing a red life jacket paddling using GILI adventure paddle board

Lightweight and portable, the GILI 11’ Adventure is an ideal all-rounder for paddlers with some experience. Despite how lightweight it is, it provides great stability as well as some impressive tracking through the water. The design and materials used in the construction ensure a rigid and sturdy paddleboard, despite only weighing 22 lbs.

That stability means the GILI 11’ Adventure is a great board for everyone. It will allow beginners to practice using touring boards, whilst also having the speed and maneuverability that more advanced paddle boarders seek.

Overall, the GILI 11’ Adventure iSUP is an excellent paddleboard for those looking to explore the water from beginner to advanced paddleboarders. The board is made of premium materials and is of excellent quality. 

Click here to read the full DiveIn review of the The GILI Adventure 11’.

The GILI Meno 12’6”

Man wearing black shirt paddling using Meno Touring Inflatable SUP

The GILI Meno 12’6” Touring inflatable paddleboard might seem like a relatively long board for a 31-inch SUP. But it has a high weight capacity, which provides it with excellent stability.

This board is suited for almost anyone from beginners all the way to advanced paddleboarders. Its construction means it is very stable and rigid on the water, coming pretty close to a hardboard.

The design of the GILI Meno 12’6” Touring iSUP makes for efficient paddling and speed, excellent for those looking to go on longer paddleboard excursions.

Click here to read the full DiveIn review of the The Gili Meno 12’6”.

GILI Manta Ray 15’

Group of people riding a large inflatable paddle board

The largest board from GILI Sports at 15’ is made for family fun and spending the day out on the water with friends. It was not built for maneuverability or speed but will surpass all other boards on stability. The dimensions of the GILI 15’ ensure the board is extremely stable even with over 5 people on it. 

Thankfully the board comes with 2 paddles ensuring no one is alone in trying to move the board. The high-quality materials used in the construction of the board make the GILI Manta Ray a good investment for families and groups. Built using dual fusion military strength PVC along with a drop-stitch interior core the Manta Ray paddleboard is durable and strong. 

Overall the GILI Manta Ray 15’ is an amazingly massive paddleboard for anyone looking to enjoy family and group adventures during the summer months. It may not go fast but it makes up for it with fun and stability. 

Click here to read the full DiveIn review of the GILI Manta Ray 15’.

Unique Features and Accessories

The DiveIn review team specifically liked the ease of use and functionality. Bradley Axmith, review editor at DiveIn.com was one of the first to test out a GILI SUP: “I’m a big fan of the level of performance that you get from GILI SUPs. I especially like the Meno 12’6 for its tracking and maneuverability,” he says.

Christos Nicolaou, product specialist at DiveIn noted that “GILI Sports provide one of the most comprehensive SUP packages on the market, that includes all the necessary accessories to get started with paddleboarding.”

GILI paddle boards come with a number of accessories that the DiveIn team had a chance to try out. The included accessories are a 3-piece hybrid adjustable paddle, a GILI 2-Stage Hand Pump, a lightweight leash, and a backpack.

DiveIn.com’s Co-Founder, Torben Lonne, had this to say about the 3-piece paddle and included backpack: “The paddle that is included in every GILI SUP package offers a high standard for other brands to follow. Compared to similar models, backpacks are usually one of the better ones for transporting all the accessories that GILI provides you with. It’s easy to pack and easy to carry too.” 


After reviewing a number of GILI Sports SUPs and testing them out in different environments and situations, the DiveIn team recommends our paddle board packages to both beginner and experienced paddle boarders looking for a high-quality paddle board that offers comfort, reliability, and durability when paddle boarding.

Click here to read the full DiveIn review of the GILI Sports Paddle Boards.

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