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Waterproof Camera Bags

Camera on a waterproof bag

Whether you’re heading out on a walk, taking your camera on your paddle board, or simply hunting for a new camera bag, finding one that ticks all your boxes can be challenging.

If you’re an outdoorsy person, you’ll want a camera bag that not only protects your camera from any knocks or bumps but also protects it from water. We understand how important it is to protect your gear, so we've narrowed down 11 of the best waterproof camera bags currently on the market. 

GILI’s Top Picks: By Budget

Best Budget
Waterproof shock resistant portable backpack by MCHENG
MCHENG Waterproof Camera Bag

The MCHENG Waterproof Camera Bag is GILI’s best waterproof camera bag in the budget category due to its incredible price point and quality. The bag is compact and completely waterproof, making it an excellent choice when space is limited.

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Best Mid-Range
Waterproof backpack roll-top
GILI 35L Waterproof Roll Top Backpack

The GILI 35L Waterproof Backpack has all the space you could possibly need for your next photography outing. As this pack is extremely versatile, once you’ve taken all your photos for the day you can transform it into a regular every day backpack.

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Best Premium
Lowepro Protactic modular backpack
Lowepro Protactic AW II Backpack

GILI’s premium pick is the Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II Backpack which has easy to access storage for all your camera gear, internal pockets for SD cards and cables, and additional outside pockets for small personal belongings.

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11 Waterproof Camera Bags

GILI 35L Waterproof Roll Top Backpack

Now, the GILI 35L Waterproof Roll Top Backpack isn’t necessarily a dedicated camera bag, but its huge 35L interior means it can hold all of your essential camera gear and then some. 

GILI went for a roll-top closure when designing their waterproof backpack, which not only prevents water from seeping into the main compartment but also lets you compress the bag's contents. 

The exterior of the 35L bag features two side mesh pockets and a front splash-proof zippered pocket that can hold any items you’d need to reach for in a hurry. This could be your keys, a credit card, sunglasses, or anything that is waterproof, for that matter. Keep in mind that we don’t recommend placing anything valuable in here as this pocket isn’t fully waterproof. 

Inside the bag to accompany the generous 35L main compartment GILI included a padded laptop sleeve and small pockets for other important belongings. As this 35L pack can hold a large amount of gear, GILI wanted it to be comfortable, so they decided on padded shoulder straps, a fitted waist belt, and a sternum strap to help distribute weight over long distances.

In our opinion, bags like this one are extremely versatile and can be transformed into your ideal camera bag with a separate removable camera bag organizer. 

Camera bag organizers can be removed from the pack to not only give you better access to your camera gear but to also transform your bag into a normal everyday backpack if you aren’t out taking pictures. 

For all those adventurers who enjoy a range of outdoor activities, like photography, paddle boarding, hiking, or mountain biking, then this easily adaptable style of bag should definitely be considered!

Waterproof backpack roll-top

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Roll top closure to prevent water from entering the pack
  • Made from 500D tarpaulin that is entirely waterproof
  • Two side mesh pockets
  • Front splash proof zippered pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps with a waist belt and sternum strap
  • Interior padded laptop sleeve
  • Extremely versatile

Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II Backpack

The Lowepro Protactic 450 AW II Backpack is a hardshell backpack designed to keep your camera gear as safe as possible while on the move. Lowepro designed the backpack with tough EVA armored sections and a built-in all-weather AW cover to ensure the gear is adequately protected at all times, no matter what the weather.

Down the backside of the bag, Lowepro added what they call “activzones”. “Activzones” are basically targeted foam support systems that provide increased comfort on your back, shoulders, and waist. This extra comfort allows you to carry the bag all day with little issue. 

The Protactic 450 AW II also has comfortable padded shoulder straps, a buckle waist strap, and a slip so you can attach your bag to a rolling suitcase.

Inside the bag, you’ll find adaptive dividers that you can reposition to fit your specific camera gear and enough room to hold a 15-inch laptop. 

The bag also comes with two quick-lock straps and a slip-lock tripod cup so you can mount your tripod to the outside of the bag securely.

Lowepro Protactic modular backpack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • EVA armored sections for ultimate protection
  • Built-in all weather AW cover
  • Foam padding for your shoulders, back, and waist
  • Comfortable padded shoulder and waist straps
  • Back slip to attach your bag to a rolling suitcase
  • Adaptive dividers for internal customization
  • Large enough to fit a 15-inch laptop
  • Two quick-lock straps and a slip lock tripod cup are included

K&F Concept Camera Bag

The K&F Concept Camera Bag has an easy to access roll down top that is secured in place by a buckle. This roll-down design aids in anti-theft as it is far more challenging to open and remove items from. 

A small side zipper was added to the bag so the wearer can access their camera easily. For thieves who don’t know the layout of the backpack, they won’t see this small side zipper as an easy access point. 

The top half of the bag works as a bucket bag where you can store additional camera gear or personal belongings. The lower section with the easy-to-access side zipper is where you’ll store your camera and essential camera gear. 

Not only do you have the 20L capacity of the bag, but you also get additional storage with the front and side pockets. Everything you could need on your next outing, you’d be able to fit in this bag. 

During the creation of the backpack, K&F designed it to be waterproof and durable with a 900D nylon rain cover.

For comfort, while carrying the Concept Camera Bag, the company added wide and thick shoulder straps with breathable air mesh padding. You’ll also find a convenient slip on the back of the backpack to attach it to a rolling suitcase.

20L K&F concept waterproof camera backpack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Roll down top with a secure buckle
  • Side zippered pocket for easy access to essential camera gear
  • 20 L capacity for camera gear and personal belongings
  • Made from 900 D waterproof and durable nylon
  • Padded and breathable shoulder straps
  • Back slip to attach your bag to a rolling suitcase

Tarion Waterproof Camera Backpack

The Tarion Waterproof Camera Backpack comes in three different colors and has 18.5 L of storage space for camera gear and personal belongings.

Tarion designed their bag to be water-resistant and sturdy with a PVA hard shell and three layers of thick EPE protective padding to keep all your gear as safe as possible.

Similar to the K&F Concept Bag, the Tarion Waterproof Camera Backpack has a roll-down top compartment which you can completely roll down when carrying minimal gear, or expand to its maximum capacity.

The front of the bag features a zip section that opens and reveals your camera, lenses, and other accessories. A back zippered compartment fits laptops up to 15 inches, and the padded shoulder and waist straps evenly distribute the weight of your bag on your back.

Golden waterproof camera backpack by Tarion with raincover

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • 18.5 L capacity
  • PVA hardshell with three added layers of EPE protective padding
  • Roll down top with a secure buckle
  • Front zipper to easily access your camera gear
  • Back zipper section for 15-inch laptops
  • Padded shoulder and waist straps for added comfort

Beschoi DSLR Waterproof Camera Backpack

The water-repellent nylon Beschoi DSLR Waterproof Camera Backpack has reinforced stitching and anti-theft zippers, so your gear is not only protected from water, but also theft. 

A large front zipper opens up the main compartment of the bag, which features moveable dividers. The dividers can be customized to your gear or removed completely so the backpack can be used for everyday use. 

Down the side of the bag, you’ll find straps to attach a tripod and a small pocket for SD cards and other accessories. 

Beschoi DSLR waterproof camera backpack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Water-repellent nylon with reinforced stitching
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Large main compartment that can fit laptops up to 13 inches
  • Removable internal dividers
  • Side tripod straps
  • Padded and comfortable shoulder straps

BAGSMART DSLR Camera Backpack

BAGSMART’s DSLR Camera Backpack comes in three colors and with enough space to carry a 15-inch laptop in its back padded compartment. 

The bag is split into two sections, with an upper and lower compartment to separate your camera equipment from your personal belongings. The front zip gives you easy access to the lower compartment, and for even easier access to your crucial equipment, BAGSMART included a side zip opening.

Inside the bag, you can adjust the space with the removable padded dividers to fit even the largest camera accessories, and the anti-theft zippers on all the compartments will prevent your gear from being stolen.

BAGSMART designed their waterproof bags in a durable waterproof canvas and added thick padded shoulder straps, a padded waist strap, and a back slip to attach the bag to a suitcase.

Black waterproof camera backpack by Bagsmart

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Back padded compartment for 15-inch laptops
  • Two separate compartments to separate personal belongings and camera equipment 
  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Front and side access to the lower compartment
  • Durable waterproof canvas and a waterproof rain cover
  • Thick padded shoulder, and waist straps
  • Back slip to attach the bag onto a rolling suitcase

MOSISO Camera Backpack

Next on our list of the best waterproof camera bags is the Camera Backpack from MOSISO. MOSISO designed their camera backpack with waterproof hard shell protection in ten eye-catching colors. 

Although the backpack has a simple design, it has everything you’d need for a day out with your camera. Down the back of the bag, you’ll find a padded section to fit laptops up to 16 inches, a large main compartment with adjustable dividers, and internal zip pockets for small and important accessories. 

MOSISO’s waterproof camera backpacks also include a tripod holder down its side and padded shoulder straps for optimal comfort.

Waterproof camera backpack by Mosiso

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Waterproof hardshell protection
  • Padded laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 16 inches
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Internal zip pockets
  • Side tripod holder
  • Padded shoulder straps

CADeN Camera Sling

The CADeN Camera Sling is a different style of camera bag that is ideal for those days when you only need minimal equipment. 

Designed to be worn on your front or your back, the CADeN sling has a thick padded shoulder strap so you can wear your gear crossbody in an easy-to-reach place. 

Zips down both sides of the bag make it convenient to access your essential equipment, and a set of straps at the bottom can attach a tripod or other larger accessories.

CADeN wanted their bag to be shockproof and waterproof, so they added seven layers of protective padding and used waterproof nylon fabric on the bag’s outside. They even included an additional waterproof rain cover to ensure your gear won’t ever get wet.

Green Camera bag sling backpack by CADen

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • One padded shoulder sling
  • Side zips for easy access
  • Bottom straps to hold a tripod
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Additional waterproof rain cover 

Neewer Sling Camera Bag

Another sling-type bag is the Neewer Sling Camera Bag that has two separate sections to organize all your equipment. 

Sling bags are relatively small, but you’ll be able to carry a DSLR camera, 2 or 3 lenses, small accessories, a water bottle, and even a tripod on its side strap storage area. 

The internal dividers can be removed to make room for larger gear, and the thick padded one-side shoulder strap is comfortable and easy to maneuver. 

Neewer also included a high-quality water-resistant polyester rain cover so you can take the bag out in all types of weather conditions. 

Purple professional sling camera bag by Neewer

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Two separate compartments
  • Side straps for tripod storage
  • Removable internal dividers
  • Thick padded shoulder strap
  • Water-resistant polyester rain cover

CADeN Camera Backpack

CADeN also has a backpack waterproof camera bag that comes in 6 colors and two different sizes. 

The materials used in the creation of the bag are scratch-proof and waterproof to help protect your camera from any damage while in transit. The sides of the bag feature a mesh pocket suitable for a water bottle and a strap section to attach a tripod or other larger accessory. 

To make the straps as comfortable as possible, CADeN used decompression memory foam and high elasticity so they conveniently mold to your particular body shape.

As with most camera bags, the internal dividers can be removed, and a large zipper section that is big enough to store Ipads can be found on the inside of the bag.

CADen camera waterproof backpack

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Six colorway options and two different sizes
  • Scratch proof and waterproof
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Bottom strap for a tripod or larger camera accessory
  • Shoulder straps with decompression memory foam
  • Internal dividers

MCHENG Waterproof Camera Bag

The last of the waterproof bags on our list is the MCHENG Waterproof Camera Bag which comes in a compact size big enough to hold your DSLR camera. 

Sometimes all you need is your camera with one particular lens, and the MCHENG bag allows you to carry just that. 

They used padded foam and waterproof materials to create the shell of the bag, which does a great job of protecting your camera from any impact. You can adjust the long strap to fit the crossbody or over your shoulder, and the back of the bag features a belt loop to attach it to your waist. 

The bag also has two small side pockets and two small inside pockets that can hold small personal belongings or camera accessories.

Waterproof shock resistant portable backpack by MCHENG

Where to buy:

Features & Specs:

  • Compact size big enough to fit a DSLR camera
  • Made from padded foam and waterproof materials
  • Long strap can be worn crossbody or over the shoulder
  • Belt loop to attach it onto your waist. 
  • Two small side and internal pockets for additional accessories


🏆 What shall I look out for in a waterproof camera bag?

If you’re looking for a waterproof camera bag, then one of the main things you should look out for is its waterproof capabilities. Some bags will be water-resistant, some will be waterproof, and some will have additional waterproof covers. The bags that are waterproof and include a waterproof cover will be some of the best waterproof camera bags on the market.

As well as this, you should also take into consideration how comfortable the bag is. Does it have padded shoulder and waist straps? As you’ll be wearing it for long periods of time, you want it to be as comfortable as possible on your back.

Other features of a good waterproof camera bag include adjustable internal dividers, straps to hold a tripod, extra room for personal belongings, numerous layers of padding, and anti-theft zippers. 

👍 Is it safe to take my camera out in rainy weather?

A waterproof bag will ensure your camera's safety if you’re out walking in rainy weather. 

When you take your camera out of your bag, however, it’s advised to use a waterproof sleeve or camera rain cover to prevent any water from reaching your camera.

🏝️ What's the best type of camera bag to buy?

In our opinion, waterproof hardshell camera bags are the safest and most effective camera bags to buy. 

The size of the bag depends on how much equipment you want to take out, but a backpack that can hold a 15-inch laptop should be able to accommodate all your essential camera equipment and even additional personal belongings.

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