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Paddle Boarding in Vermont, US

An abundance of wildlife, beautiful scenery, and picturesque waterways can be found in the North American state of Vermont. Vermont has over 800 lakes and 5,000+ miles of rivers and streams, all with different water conditions to challenge paddlers of all abilities.

Whether you’re in the north or south, you won’t be disappointed with the stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) locations and all the breathtaking landscapes this state offers. 

We have broken down 10 of Vermont’s best paddle boarding locations that you won’t want to miss. 

North Vermont

Lamoille River Paddlers' Trail

Trout fishing in Lamoille river

Lamoille River runs through northern Vermont and drains into Lake Champlain on the border of New York and Vermont. With roughly 83 miles of various water conditions and campsites dotted throughout, Lamoille River is a great option for both experienced and beginner paddlers

Its tree-lined riverbanks, views of farm fields, and incredible surrounding mountain ranges will make you feel at one with nature. Trout fishing is extremely popular on the Lamoille River, so if you’re a SUP angler, be sure to bring your rod and fishing gear.

Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail

Boat in lake champlain vermont

The Lake Champlain Paddlers’ Trail has over 600 campsites along the lake’s shoreline and islands, making it a perfect destination for a multi-day paddling trip. The trail passes through Vermont, Québec, and New Hampshire with 120 miles of water and scenic landscapes to explore. 

Clyde River

Scenic view of clyde river

Reaching just over 33.5 miles in length, the Clyde River is a relatively quiet waterway perfect for beginner paddlers. You can find faster rapids at the mouth of the river for anyone in search of a slightly more thrilling adventure. 

Beavers, birds, and fish populate the area, all of which are best observed from the water.

Lake Willoughby

Lake willoughby vermont

Lake Willoughby, a glacial lake known for its clarity and chilly temperature, makes a fantastic stand up paddle destination for paddlers of all abilities. The Willoughby State Forest meets the south side of the lake, and in the north are public beaches that are perfect launch sites for paddle boards. 

Rated as one of the most beautiful lakes in Vermont, Lake Willoughby is a popular place for paddling, swimming, fishing, and relaxing. The sunset over the water is also a spectacular sight to see and is definitely worth sticking around for. 

Green River Reservoir

Remote camping at Green river reservoir

If you’re looking for a remote camping and paddling experience, then look no further.

Green River Reservoir provides remote camping that can only be reached by kayak, canoe, or SUP.

The reservoir has one of Vermont’s longest stretches of undeveloped shorelines, giving you ample opportunities to encounter wildlife. Motorized boats aren’t allowed at the reservoir, so the water is quiet and calm all year round. 

Moore Reservoir

Clean and warm water of Moore reservoir

The Moore Reservoir has over 3000 acres of clean, warm water. Its public beach gives you the perfect starting point for your paddle, and because the water has very little movement, the Reservoir is an ideal place for less experienced paddlers.

As with many other waterways in Vermont, the Moore Reservoir provides stunning views, amazing wildlife sightings, and fantastic fishing spots. 

South Vermont

Lowell Lake

White pine trees at Lowell Lake

Lowell Lake is another popular spot for hiking, fishing, and non-motorized boat use. Large white pine trees and views of the Glebe Mountain can be seen while out on the water, with a 3.5 mile hiking trail circling the circumference of the lake. 

Emerald Lake

Road beside Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is another fantastic place for SUP in Vermont. It has become popular because of its wooded campground, swimming areas, and public beach.

Named after the water's emerald green color; the lake is open only to human-powered boats and ideal for beginners and paddlers who want a peaceful paddle boarding experience.  

Stratton Mountain Snowmaking Pond

Stratton mountain snowmaking pond

One of the smaller bodies of water we'll be discussing today is the Stratton Mountain Snowmaking Pond.

The Stratton Mountain Snowmaking Pond is a great spot to SUP, kayak, and fish because of its easy water access from the bordering rocks and beach.

You’re probably wondering why the pond has ‘snowmaking’ in its name, well, that’s because during the winter months the water is pumped from the pond and turned into snow to supplement the slopes of the mountains nearby. 

Grout Pond Recreation Area

Grout pond recreation area

Grout Pond allows camping in secluded locations that should be reserved early to avoid disappointment. The pond can get busy on the weekends and during school holidays, but the waters are relatively still and serene all year round, ideal for SUPing.

Where to Rent Paddle Boards in Vermont

If you’re visiting Vermont and you don’t have a paddle board on hand, you can easily rent one from many rental stores throughout the state. Here are some recommendations for paddle board rentals in Vermont. 

Interactive Map


🏆 Where can I paddle board in Vermont?

Paddle boarding in Vermont is extremely popular because of its large selection of waterways. From rivers to reservoirs, there is something for paddlers of all abilities. Here are some of the best places to stand up paddle board in Vermont.

  • Lamoille River Paddlers' Trail
  • Lake Champlain Paddlers' Trail
  • Clyde River
  • Lake Willoughby
  • Green River Reservoir
  • Moore Reservoir
  • Lowell Lake
  • Emerald Lake
  • Stratton Mountain Snowmaking Pond
  • Grout Pond Recreation Area

👍 Can you paddleboard on Lake Champlain?

Yes! Lake Champlain is a great place for SUPing,and its many campsites mean you can even make it a multi-day adventure. There is a paddling trail that runs the 120-mile length of Lake Champlain and welcomes all man-powered boats.

🏝️ Can you paddle board at Sandy Point?

You’ll find Sandy Point on Isle La Motte, the northernmost and remote island of Lake Champlain. Boats of all kinds are allowed in all parts of the lake, including Sandy Point.

❓ What is the cleanest lake in Vermont?

Lake Willoughby has been voted the cleanest lake in Vermont because of its crystal clear waters and incredible views of Mount Pisgah and Mount Hor reflecting off the water's surface.

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