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Paddle Board Yoga

Preparing for paddle board yoga

So you want to test your balance and find inner peace? There’s no better way to zen out than diving into a SUP yoga session. Stretch those forgotten-about muscles and escape into nature. Paddle board yoga is the hottest thing to do this summer!

But first, you’re going to need one of the best paddle boards for yoga to get you on your way.

There are some things you need to know before buying a SUP. We’ve done the research and gathered a comprehensive list for the best of the best SUP yoga paddle boards. 

From dimensions and buoyancy to budget and style – these pointers will help you choose the best paddle board for yoga to suit you.

Top Yoga Board Comparison Table

Inflatable SUP Boards Length / Width Weight Capacity Budget Price
GILI Komodo Komodo Yoga SUP board for meditation 10'6 / 33" 340 lbs Budget Check Price
GILI Meno Blue Gili meno 11'6 best yoga board 11'6 / 35" 460 lbs Mid-range Check Price
GILI Manta Ray Manta Ray iSUP board for acro yoga 12' / 45" 725 lbs Premium Check Price
Bluefin Aura Bluefin aura fit yoga SUP for cobra pose 10'8 / 36" 198 lbs Budget Check Price
Thurso Surf Tranquility Thurso surf tranquility for warrior 2 10'8 / 34" 240 lbs Mid-range Check Price
NIXY VeniceNIXY venice yoga SUP board for side plank 10'6 / 34" 300 lbs Mid-range Check Price
Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP Advanced Elements Lotus SUP for warrior 1 10' / 32" 200 lbs Mid-range Check Price
PEAK Fitness Peak Yoga iSUP board for downward facing dog 10' / 32" 240 lbs Budget Check Price
Driftsun Balance Driftsun balance SUP for dancers pose 11' / 34" 400 lbs Budget Check Price
Isle Scout Isle scout SUP yoga for sun salutation 11' / 33" 315 lbs Mid-range Check Price
ROC Explorer ROC iSUP board for childs pose 10' / 32" 300 lbs Budget Check Price
Awesafe iSUP Awesafe iSUP board for table top 10' / 32" 320 lbs Budget Check Price

Gili Komodo Yoga SUP

Best for Meditation

Are you after the most zen-looking yoga stand up paddle board? Our GILI Komodo Inflatable Paddle Board comes in a choice of three colors: blue, teal, or a combination with a beautiful yogi mandala on the deck. 

With a 33” width, this board gives a stable and rigid surface which is perfect for beginners and advanced yogis’. The widened stance is partnered with a slightly pointed nose, so no speed is lost with the stability for when you take the board for a paddle in between yoga sessions.

The deck pad is made from a super comfortable EVA foam, running from nose to tail. We’ve utilized a triple layer fusion technology so it is 20% lighter than most other boards.

Komodo Yoga SUP board for meditation

Features & Specs:

  • 10’6” x 33” x 6”
  • Full-length EVA Traction Pad
  • Built-in paddle holder
  • Triple-layered military-grade PVC
  • Weight capacity - 340 lbs 
  • Built-in action mount and 18 d-rings – great for adding attachments 
  • 3 grab handles (nose, middle, and tail)
  • Removable bungee cord storage system

What we love:

  • The unique yoga design makes this board stand out with superior style
  • Highly versatile – you can take this board surfing after your yoga practice with no adjustments required
  • Affordable and friendly price with no compromise of quality
  • Comfortable full-length deck pad perfect for SUP yoga

What we don't love:

  • Can be too small for beginners to SUP yoga 

Our GILI Komodo iSUP is a great choice for the more advanced paddler. As it’s slightly shorter than the other GILI boards, balancing in certain yoga poses can be more challenging. 

Bundle includes: 

  • GILI 10'6 Komodo Inflatable Paddle Board
  • GILI Inflatable SUP Backpack
  • GILI 2-Stage Hand Pump
  • Carbon Fiber Hybrid Adjustable Travel Paddle
  • GILI Snap In Center Fin
  • GILI 10' Paddle Board Coiled Ankle Leash

Complete with our standard high-quality care, versatile fin setup, and manufacturer’s 2-year warranty. The GILI Komodo Inflatable Paddle Board is a fantastic choice for yoga and advanced riders.

GILI Meno Inflatable Paddle Board

Best for Tree Pose 

Our very own GILI Meno iSUP is a ‘do everything’ board, perfectly stable to support you in your yoga flow and be your trusted yoga board. There are two lengths to choose from – we recommend the 11’6 model to give you a larger area to stretch out on.

The Meno series are the most stable boards in our collection. The 35” width provides an excellent surface, complete with a full-length deck pad, so you can stretch those fingers up high in tree pose knowing you’ve got a secure deck underfoot.

Constructed with our dual-layer Fusion Technology, the GILI Meno board is one tough piece of kit. The dual-layer PVC is the strongest yet lightest in the industry, making the perfect durable SUP with the best possible rigidity.  

Blue Gili meno 11'6 best yoga board

Features & Specs:

  • 11’6” x 35” x 6”
  • Extra Large, Brushed EVA Traction Pad
  • Built-in paddle holder
  • Carbon fiber rails and dual-layered military-grade PVC
  • Weight capacity - 460 lbs (500 lbs for advanced riders)
  • 3 built-in Scotty Mounts on 11'6 model and 18 d-rings – great for adding attachments for SUP fishing
  • 3 carry handles (nose, middle, and tail)
  • Removable bungee cord storage system

What we love:

  • This board comes fully loaded with rings, mounts, and handles, so it’s ready for whatever adventure you throw at it 
  • The EVA traction pad is grooved for enhanced grip, support, and comfort
  • Included integrated paddle holder is perfect for SUP yoga sessions 
  • Super easy to deflate, roll up, and store in the fantastic SUP bag with pockets for fins and accessories

What we don't love:

  • Nothing! But we are biased!

If this wasn’t enough, our GILI Meno Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes as part of an epic bundle package so you can get all the gear needed for an awesome day of fun, right from the get-go. 

Bundle includes: 

  • GILI 10'6 / 11'6 Inflatable Paddle Board
  • GILI Rolling Inflatable SUP Backpack
  • GILI 3-Stage High Flow Dual Chamber Hand Pump
  • Carbon Fiber Hybrid Adjustable Travel Paddle
  • Meno 9" Distnace/Race Fin
  • Meno 4.5" Speed Center Fin
  • Meno 3" Shallow Center Fin
  • 4" Snap-In Side Fins
  • GILI 8' Paddle Board Coiled Ankle Leash
  • GILI Sticker Pack
  • GILI Meno iSUP Manual

We promise you’ll have a blast with this board. Without a doubt, this is one of the best paddle boards for yoga, if not the best. 

GILI Manta Ray Inflatable Paddle Board

Best for Acro Yoga

Next up is our GILI Manta Ray range. This Multi-Person Inflatable Paddle Board is the largest SUP going, perfect for bringing the crew along for a paddle or try out Acro Yoga with a partner. Choose between a 12’ or 15’ board – the 15 footer is truly epic! 

The 15’ SUP has a whopping 56” deck width, while the 12’ GILI Manta Ray SUP has an equally amazing 45” width. Both options are perfect for giving you a decent stable deck for SUP yoga. The 12’ will comfortably carry 2-3 people with a weight capacity of 725 lbs. The 15’ board can handle 5 or more people!

Made with the same superior materials, the military-grade PVC construction is guaranteed to last. And what’s more, despite being a huge SUP, it’s still lightweight and easy to handle – 35/52lbs (12'/15').

Manta Ray iSUP board for acro yoga

Features & Specs:

  • 12’ x 45” x 8” | 15” x 56” x 8”
  • Extra Large, Brushed EVA Traction Pad
  • Built-in dual paddle holder
  • Dual-layered military-grade PVC
  • Massive weight capacity - 725/1150 lbs (12'/15')
  • 4 built-in Scotty Mounts, 5 action mounts and 22 d-rings – great for adding accessories
  • 6 carry handles (nose, middle, rails, and tail)
  • Removable bungee cord storage system

What we love:

  • Enormous size is perfect to take the party, crew, and all the gear out onto the water
  • Insanely stable underfoot making your yoga practice easier than ever
  • Dual iSUP Valves for rapid inflation and deflation
  • Plenty of grab handles located on the board so you can handle and jump back on from the water the SUP easily

What we don't love:

  • Makes SUP yoga too easy!

It goes without saying that our GILI Manta Ray Multi-Person Inflatable SUP brings the life to any party. We’ve bundled everything together, as always, to give you everything you need to take to the water right away.

Bundle includes:

  • 12'/15’ Manta Ray Paddle Board
  • (2) Three Piece travel Paddles
  • (2) Dual Chamber iSUP Pumps
  • Rolling Duffel Bag
  • 9" Snap-in Race Fins
  • (4) Snap-in Side Fins
  • Repair Kit
  • GILI Sticker Pack
  • Manta Ray Manual

If you are after the best SUP yoga board for the easiest session, the GILI Manta Ray is the one for you. The insane width and length of the board makes for a smooth ride, almost as if you are on land.

Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga SUP

Best for Cobra Pose

Bluefin’s Aura Fit Yoga SUP has found a great balance between paddle boarding and yoga in a board design. This SUP performs well as a cruiser but can also be used as a floating yoga mat when wanted. With a 28 PSI level, this SUP is super stable and insanely rigid.

A 36” width and all-around shape make this ideal for beginners who need extra stability to help them balance. Especially when you’re in a headstand!

Bluefin aura fit yoga SUP for cobra pose

Features & Specs:

  • 10’8” x 36” x 6”
  • Weight capacity of 198 lbs (350 lbs for advanced riders)
  • 3 fin set-up and removable smart lock system
  • Croco-Diamond deck pad and kick pad
  • Universal action camera mount

What we love:

  • UV resistant and military-grade PVC materials give great durability
  • Lotus design to keep the yoga image and style
  • Action camera mount on the nose, so you can capture your favorite moments
  • Bundle includes: SUP, pump, travel paddle, bag, fins, and leash

What we don't love:

  • A limited number of d-rings for attachments 

The Bluefin Aura Fit Yoga SUP is a good all-around option, ideal for taking your yoga practice or pilates class to the water. Just be aware though, even though this is an all around SUP, you are limited on the amount of gear and additional accessories you can add on.

Thurso Surf Tranquility

Best for Warrior 2

Thurso Surf’s Tranquility SUP is an excellent choice for SUP yoga lovers, but always difficult to get hold of due to low stock numbers. This stable board has a wide design from nose to tail, providing you with an excellent deck for yoga and workouts.

Again, this board makes good use of a lotus flower design to the board. This is perfect for reminding you to stay calm and focused throughout your practice.

Thurso surf tranquility for warrior 2

Features & Specs:

  • 10’8” x 34” x 6”
  • Extended EVA traction pad
  • Double-layer construction and reinforced seams
  • 2 center grab handles
  • Squared tail

What we love:

  • This is a good-looking board! You will definitely get compliments in the water
  • Front bungee storage to carry a water bottle
  • Easy to inflate, deflate and store
  • Comes in a bundle including: Tranquility 128 Inflatable SUP, 3-Piece Carbon Shaft Paddle, INF/DEF Single Chamber Double Action Pump, Storage and Carry Roller Backpack, 2+1 Removable Quick Lock Fin Set, and a 10 ft. Double Swivel Coiled Leash

What we don't love:

  • Excellent stability, but poor speed performance making it a challenging ride for other activities

This SUP yoga board from Thurso Surf is one of the best yoga SUPs going. You’ll be able to keep your feet firmly in place and feel comfortable throughout a yoga session.

Nixy Venice 10'6 Yoga SUP Board

Best for Side Plank

Nixy’s Venice Cruiser SUP is one of the best paddle boards for yoga. The super comfy deck pad is perfect for a yoga session out on the water. This stable board is great for beginners, taking passengers, or simply having a gentle cruise.

This yoga board features a side bungee system to hold your paddle while out on the water. There is also storage on the nose of the board for your bag and water bottle.

NIXY venice yoga SUP board for side plank

Features & Specs:

  • 10’6” x 34” x 6”
  • Weighs 17 lbs
  • Fusion laminated drop stitch technology
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs

What we love:

  • Very stable and ultra-lightweight
  • Comfortable soft traction pad, perfect for yoga
  • Easy to turn
  • Side paddle holder

What we don't love:

  • Very slow to paddle

Complete with mounts, d-rings, and bungee cords, Nixy’s Venice Yoga board really is the real deal for practicing yoga on the water. Nixy includes a carbon fiber paddle, fins, hand pump, leash, and backpack to get you going right away.

Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

Best for Warrior 1

The Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP is designed with yoga practice in mind. From nose and tail to a completely clear deck, this is a great SUP board for yoga. 

If you want a board that looks a bit different then this is the SUP for you. The Lotus YSUP has a unique shape and color scheme that will make sure you stand out from the crowd.  

Advanced Elements Lotus SUP for warrior 1

Features & Specs:

  • 10’ x 32” x 6”
  • Removable shoulder strap to carry the board (no center handle)
  • Extra-large traction pad 
  • Clear deck space

What we love:

  • Completely clear deck so you can really stretch your yoga positions
  • Wide board in relation to the length of the board for great stability
  • Good tracking from fin setup
  • Lightweight design

What we don't love:

  • No storage system in place, which gives it the clear deck space, but there is nowhere to put your waterproof phone case or water bottle

This is one of the best stand up paddle boards for yoga out there. Beginners may struggle with the length of the board being slightly smaller than other options. But if you are an experienced paddler and a yoga lover wanting to try paddle board yoga, then this is a great SUP to try.

Peak 10' Yoga Fitness Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best for Downward Facing Dog

Peak’s yoga paddle boards are a good option for anyone on a tighter budget. They have been designed specifically for yoga, pilates, and fitness workouts. With a wide deck from nose to tail, finding your balance will be easy.

The Peak 10’ may be smaller than other SUP yoga paddle boards, but the EVA pad fills the deck and is comfortable underfoot. You’ll be stretching into downward facing dog in no time!

Peak Yoga iSUP board for downward facing dog

Features & Specs:

  • 10' x 32" x 6"
  • Great style and design to the board
  • Round nose and squared tail for ultimate stability
  • Center carry handle

What we love:

  • The color combinations of this board are great with a super eye-catching mandala design
  • Lightweight and compact board
  • Comfortable EVA traction pad
  • Comes with adjustable aluminum paddle, pump, leash, and fins

What we don't love:

  • The carry handle is right in the middle of the deck pad, so will be uncomfortable in some yoga positions

So if you need a SUP yoga board on a budget, check out thisPeak 10’ iSUP. It’s unfortunate the carry handle has no indent to go into as this is a major flaw for a yoga board.

Driftsun Balance 11'

Best for Dancers Pose

Driftsun’s Balance SUP is a relatively large board with a wide deck perfect for SUP yoga. The 6” thick board gives great stability and rigidity, perfect for a dancer pose if you’re a more experienced water yogi. 

With a drop stitch technology and rugged PVC material gives durability. The inner core can be inflated to a 15 psi level allowing for a good level of performance perfect for yoga.

Driftsun balance SUP for dancers pose

Features & Specs:

  • 11' x 34" x 6"
  • Large EVA traction pad
  • Tri fin system
  • 9 D-ring attachment points

What we love:

  • Paddle board comes as a bundle package with everything you need to get paddling
  • Wide deck and full-length deck pad
  • Sturdy d-rings for accessory attachment
  • Quick clip fin system for easy setup

What we don't love:

  • The center carry handle gets in the way of some yoga flows

This is another good budget SUP yoga board. However, again the center grab handle is an obstacle. This may be okay for beginners, but as you master the yoga sequences this will be an annoying feature to stretch around.

Isle Scout Yoga Paddle Board

The best for Sun Salutation

It’s no secret that Isle’s Scout model is one of the best paddle boards for yoga. It is soft underfoot, 33 inches wide, and has a full grooved deck pad running the length of the board. SUP yoga is a breeze with a board like this.

The retro design is timeless. And just like our GILI Komodo, this board has a paddle holder on the rail so you can keep your hands free for a full sun salutation flow. Grab handles, bungee cords, and mounted d-rings make this an excellent stand up paddle board.

Isle scout SUP yoga for sun salutation

Features & Specs:

  • 11’ x 33” x 6”
  • Nose and tail grab handles
  • Rounded neoprene center handle
  • Velcro paddle holder

What we love:

  • Similar to the GILI boards, this has a grooved EVA deck pad which gives optimum grip when practicing yoga
  • High-pressure valve for fast inflation 
  • Paddle holder on the rail is a small but highly appreciated addition
  • Air-tech fusion manufacturing for excellent quality

What we don't love:

  • Low weight capacity for its dimensions

The Isle Scout is an excellent yoga board and has all the same features as many other mid-range inflatable yoga boards. The width is slightly narrower than the GILI options which does reduce the weight capacity.

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best for Childs Pose

Roc SUP Co.’s Explorer series is an alternative board to consider if you want to take on SUP yoga. This is more of a general all around type board that is versatile and has a good amount of buoyancy to keep your yoga above water.

You can choose between four bold and vibrant colors: hot pink, lime green, blue, or black. All come with the essential gear needed to get you out on the water, as well as a small waterproof bag for valuables as a bonus extra.

ROC iSUP board for childs pose

Features & Specs:

  • 10’ x 32” x 6”
  • Lightweight aluminum paddle perfect for traveling
  • Super tough materials
  • EVA foam deck pad

What we love:

  • The style is bold and out-there, without being too much
  • Roc have included a small waterproof bag for valuables which is a nice touch
  • Lightweight and smaller option, great versatility
  • Great value for money

What we don't love:

  • No grab handles on the nose or tail of the board

There is a lot to like about this low-budget paddle board. It is smaller than other recommendations. But for a peaceful yen or restorative practice, with plenty of child’s pose, this is a great choice of SUP for yoga. 

Awesafe Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Best for Table Top

And last but not least, Awesafe’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – the cheapest yoga board recommended. Despite the low price, this board is still made with high-grade materials to give a rugged finish. This may not be the softest deck pad underfoot, but you certainly won’t slip.

Awesafe has bundled the board into a package deal to include the paddle, leash, fins, pump, and bag. Just keep in mind these are also basic and low-end quality, so perhaps don’t expect the longest life from this gear.

Awesafe iSUP board for table top

Features & Specs:

  • 10’ x 32” x 6”
  • Non-slip EVA deck pad covering two-thirds of the board
  • 6-point bungee system on the nose for storing a water bottle and bag
  • Lightweight (only 17.5 lbs)

What we love:

  • Low price with good materials
  • Good size deck pad covering most of the board
  • 6” thick gives you a solid platform for SUP yoga

What we don't love:

  • Additional accessories are basic. We would recommend upgrading the leash, bag, pump, and paddle for an easier ride

While this board struggles to compare to the others, it’s still a great consideration for paddle board yoga on a tighter budget. Awesafe’s iSUP is a fantastic entry-level board for beginner paddlers.

How to Choose the Best Paddleboard for Yoga

Ideal best paddle board for yoga

There are some key aspects you should consider when buying a yoga paddle board. From specific dimensions to the material of the deck pad, these features will help you have a better yoga experience out on the water. 

Ideal Board Proportions For A Yoga Board

Generally, the best paddle boards for yoga need to be at least 10 feet long and 32 inches wide. This will give you the best stability and rigidity, making the deck solid for your routine.  

The larger the board, the higher the buoyancy/volume. With a larger volume, the SUP can carry more weight. So if you want to try out acro yoga with a partner, make sure you look to get an oversized yoga paddle board designed for multi-person use.

Ideal board proportions are 11’/12’ x 35” x 6”.

Deck Pad

The deck pad needs to be comfortable. The best yoga boards will feel like you are practicing yoga on your mat on the land – soft, rigid, and without any slip. 

Most inflatable paddle boards generally come with traction pads built-in. However, not all of them are full-length. Make sure you get a board with a decent-sized traction pad to get the best yoga experience.

Fin Set-Up

Even though you aren’t going to be moving, you still need a stable fin system underneath you for support. Having side fins in place will help you stay balanced as you move from downward dog to cobra, warrior two to tree. 

Inflatable vs. Hard Sup Board For Yoga

We have only mentioned inflatables in our guide to the best paddle boards for yoga. This is simply because iSUPs are better for yoga. The increased thickness means the board sits higher out of the water and gives you a great amount of stability. 

Hard boards get super slippy if they don’t have a full-length deck pad installed. And they can also cause more injury if you slip or fall onto them.

So, for this round of debate, inflatables do beat the hard boards this time!

Top Tips For SUP Yoga

Man on his paddle board doing his yoga

Once you get your own board and are ready to give SUP yoga a go, it’s helpful to keep some useful tips in mind for a better experience.

  • Stay low and don't be afraid
  • Find a point on the horizon to focus on – look straight in front of you
  • Focus on yourself and don't push yourself too hard – we all have to start somewhere
  • Choose a peaceful location to practice SUP yoga
  • Use an anchor to keep your board in one place throughout your practice
  • Wear the right clothes and don’t forget to use sunscreen 
  • Always check the weather conditions before going out – safety always comes first
  • Remember to smile, have fun, and enjoy yourself

Beginner Friendly SUP Yoga Poses

Yoga poses on a paddle board

To make the most of the best paddle boards for yoga, you need to know what you are doing. Look for groups or paddle schools near you. They may be running SUP yoga classes that you can join to get to grips with the paddle board yoga basics

Learning a handful of intro yoga poses is enough to get you started. As you progress and discover greater balance you can push your yoga practice to the next level. Try to master these yoga poses, to begin with:

  • Cross-legged seat
  • Corpse pose
  • Low lunge, high lunge
  • Warrior 1 and 2
  • Downward facing dog
  • Cobra


🏆 What is SUP yoga?

SUP yoga is a traditional yoga practice that has been combined with paddle boarding. The mat is substituted for the stand up paddle board, adding an extra element to the balance and practice. Generally, SUP yoga poses are a combination of hatha and vinyasa sequences.

👍 Can you do yoga on an inflatable paddle board?

SUP yoga is best done on an inflatable paddle board, rather than a solid board. This is because inflatable boards sit higher out of the water due to having a higher volume and buoyancy. iSUPs are also more comfortable with larger EVA traction pads providing an excellent yoga mat alternative.

🏝️ How wide should the paddleboard be when doing yoga on the board?

The minimum width of the paddleboard should be 32” when doing SUP yoga. The wider the board, the better the stability and more space to stretch out. Having a narrower board will make yoga on a paddle board more difficult.

❓ What is the best stand up paddle board for beginners?

An inflatable general purpose, all-around paddle board is the best choice for beginners. We recommend our GILI Meno or GILI Air inflatable paddle boards. Not only are these the ideal dimensions to learn on, but they also are superbly versatile and are still fun as you progress.

📦 What is the best brand of paddle board?

There are so many popular brands on the paddle board market. GILI, Isle, and Thurso Surf are all in the mid to high end range, providing excellent quality SUPs at affordable prices.

📦 What should I wear for SUP yoga?

When doing SUP yoga, you should wear comfortable and flexible clothing. You don’t want to be restricted in your movements and hold back your stretches because of what you are wearing. Most people choose to wear their swimwear so they can have a refreshing dip after the session.

📦 Is SUP yoga safe?

SUP yoga is safe as long as you don’t push your body too much. Remember to only do poses that you are comfortable with. And be sure to check the weather and wind forecasts before you go into the water for the safest practice.

📦 Is SUP yoga good exercise?

SUP yoga provides an excellent workout for the whole body. There is an increased element of balance when you practice on the water, so your core muscles will have a good session. You will be surprised at how many calories you can burn!

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