Touring Paddle Boards

Touring Paddle Boards feature a pointed nose and a displacement hull designed to slice through the water. Great for speed, these SUPs will track straighter than a typical all-around paddle board.

Touring Paddle Boards are Great for Long Distance Paddling

Touring SUPs are your best bet if you want to paddle longer distances at a fast pace. However, they are not a one-trick pony - touring paddle boards are great for exploring as well.

Touring SUPs excellent performance boards, and are ideal for long days on the water, ocean paddling, and even SUP racing.

Grab a Touring Paddle Board from GILI

Browse our top performing Touring Paddle Boards - perfect for any excursion. Our touring SUPs are perfect for long excursions and they also perform well in mild ocean chop. Check out the award winning 11” Adventure iSUP - a customer favorite for any adventure.

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