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Father’s Day SUP Gift Guide

Father’s day is fast approaching, and sometimes, finding a gift for your old man can be tough. Luckily, if he’s a SUP-loving dad, you have a vast selection of gift ideas that he’ll be sure to love and use on a regular basis. 

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We’ve compiled a list of some of the best father’s day gifts for SUP dads to make your gift buying process that little bit easier. 

Waterproof Speaker

Finally, a way to listen to your favorite jam on the water without worrying about water, sand or dust! Our Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is IP68 Waterproof, floats, lasts 8 hours, holds 2000 songs internally and has bluetooth. Comes with everything you need to mount it to your GILI SUP, charging cable, and box.


Man wearing a colorful boardshorts while sitting on a paddle board

The first gift that every dad needs for SUPing is a high-quality pair of boardshorts. The Quiksilver Men's Kaimana Boardshorts are a fantastic option as they come in a range of sizes and colors. 

Quiksilver created their boardshorts from 90% polyester and 10% elastane to give them a comfortable and slightly stretchy fit. The polyester that Quiksilver used for their boardshorts was produced from recycled plastic bottles. So, not only are these shorts a fantastic gift, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

We’ve covered more great boardshorts options over on 13 Best Boardshorts for Men Who Love Paddle Boarding.


Whether your dad likes an alcoholic beverage or just enjoys being out on the water for long periods of time, a cooler suitable for a SUP would make an excellent gift. 

The GILI Deck Cooler Bag, for example, is a softshell cooler that’ll keep its contents cold for the entire day out on the water. The cooler itself will add very little weight to the board and can easily be tied down using the four underneath hooks. With a cooler like this, your dad won’t ever have to worry about his drinks getting warm again. 

In our article Best Paddle Board Coolers for 2022, we have highlighted other soft shell and hard shell coolers that every SUP dad will love. 

Dry Bag

Man paddle boarding with a Gili dry bag

All paddlers need a dry bag. And this is no exception for a SUP dad. A dry bag is an essential piece of gear that’ll keep your dad's important belongings safe and dry in the event of a downpour or if he happens to fall in. 

The GILI Waterproof Roll Top Dry Bag comes in seven vibrant colors and can hold up to 15 liters worth of possessions inside. GILI wanted their dry bag to be fully waterproof, so constructed it out of a heavy-duty vinyl coated fabric. There is a small watertight zipper pocket inside the main compartment, and it also features a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Go Pro

A unique gift slightly higher up on the price scale is a Go Pro. The newest model, the Go Pro Hero 10, or any model for that matter, would make a fantastic and unforgettable gift that your dad will truly appreciate.

Life Jacket

Keep your dad safe this father’s day, and gift him a life jacket. Life jackets should be worn by all paddlers and make excellent gifts for those who enjoy time out on the water. 

The O’Neill Men’s Superlite Life Vest runs all the way up to 6XL, comes in 16 colors, and is US Coast Guard approved. O’Neill created their vest out of closed cell marine foam and covered it with a nylon outer shell. The front four heavy-duty buckles make the life jacket easy to get off and on, and your dad can even adjust them for a perfect fit. 

If the O’Neill life jacket isn’t the one for you, we’ve got some more options on the Best Life Jackets: A Buyers Guide to PFDs in 2022.

Paddle Board

Man carrying his blue inflatable paddle board

The ultimate gift for a SUP dad would be a new paddle board. Granted, a paddle board is a large investment but let’s be honest; your dad is completely worth it!

Our paddle board option goes to the GILI 10’6 Air Inflatable Paddle Board. Inflatable paddle boards especially make a wonderful gift as they’re easy to transport, extremely high-quality, and versatile for a range of different SUP activities. 

GILI constructed their 10’6 Air from military strength PVC and included a front bungee system, multiple D-rings, and an entire paddle boarding package to get your dad out on the water in no time. 

The GILI 10’6 Air doesn’t seem right for your dad? Then don’t worry; we have full in-depth reviews of more inflatable paddle boards at the Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Paddle Board Leash

A paddling gift option with a more affordable price tag is a paddle board leash. If your dad doesn’t have one already, then he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on. A paddle board leash will keep his board close to him at all times, adding an extra layer of security while out on the water. 

The GILI 8’ Paddle Board Leash is a great example, and even if he already has a leash, maybe it's time for a refresh!

Paddle Upgrade

If your dad is new to the SUP world, then he may still be paddling with a standard aluminum paddle that most paddle boards come with. Although these paddles work just fine, they have nothing on a full carbon paddle. 

A full carbon paddle like the GILI Full Carbon Fiber Adjustable Paddle effortlessly cuts through the water making paddling easier and less energy-consuming. This particular paddle is adjustable and can suit riders of all heights. It even floats on water so your dad will never have to worry about losing it!

There are also carbon fiber paddles with nylon blades and fiberglass paddles that aren’t as premium as the full carbon fiber paddles but still make highly appreciated gifts. 


Father wearing a sunglasses drinking water while paddle boarding

Eye protection is extremely important, especially when on the water. The sun's rays can do tremendous amounts of damage to our eyes which is magnified even further when we are close to water. Gifting your dad a pair of sunglasses will not only benefit him while SUPing but also in his day-to-day life. 

The Tidal Dragon X H20 Sunglasses are one of our favorite pairs of sunglasses as they’re polarized, provide 100% UV protection, and float in the water. 

If those sunglasses don’t match your dad’s style, then check out the Top 9 Sunglasses for Paddle Boarding. 

Waterproof Phone Case

Although some newer models of phones have water-resistant properties, they aren’t entirely waterproof. Whenever we are near water we should be taking extra precautions with our phones to prevent any damage. A waterproof phone case will protect your dad’s mobile device while also keeping it in an easy-to-reach place around his neck. 

Waterproof phone cases also come in a floating variation, just like the GILI Floating Waterproof Phone Case. This extra floating feature will ensure your dad’s phone has the ultimate waterproof protection, even if it gets knocked off the SUP by accident. 

Waterproof Watch

The last gift we have on our ultimate father’s day SUP list is a waterproof watch. Waterproof watches can be worn every day, all year round, and aren’t necessarily just a gift for when he's stand up paddling. Whether he's at the beach, on his SUP, or at work, a waterproof watch will come in particularly handy. 

The Fitbit Charge 4 is a great waterproof smartwatch with a relatively low price point. It has a built-in GPS to track pace and distance, a heart rate tracker that measures how many calories are burnt during exercise, and a feature to track workouts. It also comes in a sleek and understated design that’ll suit all styles and preferences. 

For slightly more premium waterproof watches, head on over to the Best Waterproof Watches We Reviewed in 2022

Additional SUP Gifts

GILI paddle board accessories

For a one-stop shop of all things paddle board, head on over to the GILI website. Here you can purchase the perfect SUP father’s day gift from a range of budget options like paddle leashes, SUP leashes, and fins, all the way up to more premium gifts such as kayak conversion kits and electric board pumps

If you’re feeling extra generous and really want to show your dad you appreciate him, then you can also have a browse through GILI’s paddle board selection to gift him the ultimate SUP father’s day gift.


🏆 What is the best SUP gift for Father's day?

In all honesty, the best SUP gift to get your father is the gift of time. Take him to his favorite SUP spot and let him paddle to his heart's content. Better yet, plan a SUP trip for him and his other SUP-loving friends. Spending a day out on the water is what he’ll appreciate most!

👍 What can I get my SUP loving dad for Father’s day with no money?

SUP-loving dads are easy to please, even if you have no money. Take them to their favorite SUP spot and let them have a day on the water. If you also have a SUP, then tag along with them. It’s father’s day, after all, so spending time with you is what matters to him most. 

For an additional thoughtful gift, you could also research the waterways in your local area and compile a list of the best SUP spots for your dad to try. He may not yet know about them, and it shows you’ve put some thought into him and his hobby. 

🏝️ How can I make my SUP loving dad feel special on Father’s day?

The best way to make a SUP-loving dad feel special on father’s day is to take him out SUPing. Grab your boards, pack a picnic and maybe some alcoholic beverages and spend the day at his favorite waterway, taking the time to truly appreciate your dad and all he does for you.

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Megan Bryant

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