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Multi-person Paddle Boards

Family paddle boarding on a manta ray multi-person paddle board

You probably didn’t think paddle boarding could get any better, that was until multi-person stand up paddle boards came on the market with a higher weight capacity, increased deck length, and even more opportunities for summertime adventures. 

Multi-person paddle boards are the perfect activity for families or friends that get you all out on the water, enjoying nature, and spending quality time together. 

To help make your multi-person SUP shopping experience easier, we’ve narrowed down the best multi-person paddle boards and will dive into their features and specifications so you can make an informed decision before purchasing. 

The Best Multi-Person Paddle Boards

On our list today, we have 5 incredible multi-person SUPs, all with their unique characteristics and strong points. 

GILI Manta Ray Multi Person SUP

Manta ray multi person inflatable stand up paddle board

Measurements Weight Weight Capacity Check Price

12’ x 45” x 8”

15’ x 56” x 8”

35 lbs

52 lbs

725 lbs

1150 lbs

Check Price

The GILI Manta Ray Multi Person SUP makes it to the top of our list for a few different reasons. The board itself comes available in a 12’ or 15’ size depending on the amount of passengers you want to carry on the board at any one time.

The blue 12’ board can carry 725 lbs which is more than enough weight capacity for 2 - 3 passengers and added on gear. The 45” deck combined with its 8” thickness provides a stable base, so you won’t need to worry about tipping over. 

The orange 15’ board can hold a massive 1150 lbs and is suitable for 6 + passengers and gear. The 15’ GILI Manta Ray tops the list for SUPs that can hold the most amount of weight, so if you’re looking for a board that your entire family can enjoy, this may be the one for you. 

The only thing that differs between the 12’ and the 15’ Manta Ray is their size, and everything else on the board has been constructed and designed in the exact same way. 

The boards feature 5 action mounts that can hold a selection of additional accessories like cup holders, camera mounts, and rod mounts, so you can truly transform your SUP into the perfect adventure, party, or fishing vessel. 

Bungee systems are found at the front and rear end of the board and were designed to hold extra gear or belongings. Grab handles are conveniently placed along the board’s edge to not only help with carrying the SUP, but also to help you get back on deck after you’ve been for a swim in the water. 

Dual paddle holders will keep your paddles secured to the board at all times, and 22 D-rings are available for attaching life vests, dry bags, and other accessories. 

The deck of the Manta Ray has an extra large grooved traction pad to increase grip and comfort while you paddle, and it also features 2 high-pressure inflation valves that make inflating and deflating the board a breeze. 

The GILI Manta Rays are made of military-grade dual-layer PVC that is incredibly lightweight and durable.


  • 2 x Travel Paddles in a choice of fiberglass with a nylon blade, carbon fiber with a nylon blade, or carbon fiber with a carbon blade. 
  • 1 x Rolling duffel bag
  • 9” Snap-in race fin
  • 2 x Dual chamber hand pumps
  • 4 x Snap-in side fins
  • 1 x Repair kit

Pros & Cons

  • The 12’ board can hold 2 - 3 passengers
  • The 15’ board can carry 6+ passengers
  • The package comes with everything you’d need to get out on the water
  • The board has a large amount of D-rings and action mounts
  • Built-in paddle holders will prevent your paddles from falling into the water
  • At check out, you get a choice of which paddles you want to come with the board (prices vary) 
  • 2 year warranty 
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • The boards may be heavy to carry, but the included rolling duffel bag should fix that issue
  • It doesn’t come with an included paddle board leash

Isle Megalodon

Isle megalodon inflatable stand up paddle board package

Measurements Weight Weight Capacity Check Price

12’ x 45” x 8”

15’ x 56” x 8”

34 lbs

50 lbs

650 lbs

1050 lbs

Check Price

Isle’s Megladon is another military-grade PVC board that comes in a 12’ or 15’ size depending on how many passengers or extra gear that’ll be on board.

The 12’ board can comfortably carry 2 - 3 people whereas the 15’ can carry 5+ passengers. The 45” and 56” decks and their 8” thickness provide an excellent platform that will remain stable while you paddle. 

The blue Isle Megaladon features 16 grab handles mounted along the rails, nose, and tail that you can use for transporting or tying up the board. The nose end has a 6 point bungee system to store your belongings and anchor down any important items. 

In the center of the board, there is a soft brushed EVA traction pad with added grooves for traction and comfort, and you’ll also find a rounded center comfort handle to help carry the board to and from the water.

Dual high-pressure valves offer quick and efficient inflation, and they can be locked into an open or closed position. 


Isle Website Package
  • 2 x Carbon hybrid adjustable paddles
  • 1 x Nylon center touring fin
  • 1 x Manual iSUP hand pump
Amazon Package
  • 2 x Carbon hybrid adjustable paddles
  • 1 x Nylon center touring fin
  • 2 x Manual iSUP hand pumps
  • 1 x Repair kit

Pros & Cons

  • The 12’ board can carry 2 - 3 passengers
  • The 15’ board can carry 5 + passengers
  • The board comes in a simple design
  • It has 16 carry handles, making transportation easy
  • The EVA soft brushed deck provides ultimate comfort while out on the board
  • 60 day ride and love it guarantee
  • The Isle package only includes one pump
  • There isn’t an included bag or leash
  • It doesn’t feature any action mounts

GILI Meno Inflatable SUP

Meno inflatable stand up paddle board

Measurements Weight Weight Capacity Check Price

10’6” x 35” x 6”

11’6” x 35” x 6”

23 lbs

24 lbs

450 lbs

485 lbs

Check Price

GILI’s Meno Inflatable SUP comes in 10’6” or 11’6” with both board sizes having a high enough weight capacity to bring 2+ adults and gear along for the ride. 

The 10’6” board comes in blue, teal, white, or sand, and the 35” deck will keep you stable and comfortable while you paddle.

The 11’6” board comes in blue or white, and its extra foot, along with the additional 35 lbs weight capacity, makes this board suitable for the whole family. 

Rails on both of the Meno boards are carbon fiber to improve the board’s rigidity, stability, and performance. The Meno series are made from dual-layer, fusion laminated PVC materials with two high-pressure valves rated for 12 - 18 PSI.

The board features 18 D-rings for kayak conversion kits and other accessories, as well as 3 scotty mounts and 5 action mounts to attach cup holders, rod holders, and camera mounts

A grooved traction pad and a diamond textured rear deck pad line the board’s deck for enhanced grip and foot support. 


  • 1 x Carbon fiber travel paddle 
  • 1 x Dual chamber pump
  • 1 x 5 Piece fin kit
  • 1 x Premium rolling iSUP bag
  • 1 x Coiled SUP Leash
  • 1 x Repair kit

Pros & Cons

  • The 10’6” board can comfortably carry 2 adult passengers
  • The 11’6” board can carry 2 adult passengers and a dog/small child
  • The board is made from dual-layer, fusion laminated PVC material
  • You have 18 D-rings, 3 scotty mounts, and 5 action mounts for additional gear and accessories
  • The included package has everything you’d need
  • 2 year warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • The inflatable paddle board only comes with one paddle, so if an additional passenger wanted to paddle, you’d need to purchase a second separately

Driftsun Orka

Driftsun Orka multi person inflatable paddle board package

Measurements Weight Weight Capacity Check Price

12’ x 42” x 8”

35 lbs

550 lbs



The 12’ Driftsun Orka comes in green or teal and has a high enough weight capacity to carry up to 3 adults at any given time. 

Driftsun created the Orka with rigid drop stitch PVC construction to keep it lightweight but durable while out on the water. The rear of the board features two locking valves for easy inflation and 4 hardcore D-rings so you can attach additional gear.

The Cargo bungee cord at the nose end of the board can be used as storage, two comfort grip handles running down the center of the board aid in transportation, and the comfortable EVA traction pad improves your grip and balance. 


  • 2 x Dual high-pressure pumps
  • 1 x 9” Removable center tracking fin
  • 1 x Double shoulder strap iSUP wrap
  • 1 x Repair kit

Pros & Cons

  • It can carry up to 3 people
  • It isn’t as big as other boards, making it easier to transport and carry
  • It has D-rings and bungee cords for storage
  • Two center comfort grip handles mean two people can carry the board simultaneously 
  • It has a soft cushioned EVA traction pad
  • It doesn’t include paddles or a leash
  • The double shoulder strap won’t protect the board from damage while it’s in storage

Bluefin Cruise Tandem SUP

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package

Measurements Weight Weight Capacity Check Price

15’ x 36” x 6”

35 lbs

530 lbs

Check Price

The Bluefin Cruise Tandem SUP has a maximum carrying capacity of 530 lbs which can comfortably hold 2 passengers and a dog. 

Bluefin created the Cruise Tandem with exo surface laminate technology to keep it UV resistant, and the composite drop stitch technology provides increased rigidity and durability along the board’s deck. 

To help the board cruise through the water at a more efficient rate, the side rails have been reinforced with 500 denier PVC fabric which was bonded with heat welding to give the board an aerodynamic finish. 

A non-slip croco-diamond deck pad covers the board’s deck with an additional kick pad at the rear to help make sharp turns and carvings. 

The nose end of the board has a universal action camera mount so you can record your adventures, and a cargo net with multiple D-rings means you can customize your board to your specific needs.

Included with the Bluefin Cruise Tandem is a kayak conversion kit so you can turn your SUP into a kayak in minutes. You can also purchase an additional kit to make it a tandem kayak. 


  • 2 x Fiberglass paddles
  • 1 x Center fin
  • 1 x Coiled leash
  • 1 x Hand pump
  • 1 x Bluefin backpack
  • 1 x Kayak conversion kit

Pros & Cons

  • The board can comfortably carry 2 passengers and a dog
  • The package included is of high value
  • The board’s thinner deck means it will glide through the water faster and easier
  • You can add a second kayak conversion kit and turn it into a tandem kayak
  • The side rails have been reinforced with 500 denier PVC fabric
  • Cargo nets and D-rings are available to make the board customizable
  • The thinner deck may cause an issue with stability

A Guide to Buying a Multi Person SUP

GILI Meno inflatable paddle boards

Before buying a multi person SUP, there are a few things you need to keep in mind and look out for. 


The length of the SUP will play a huge factor in which board you decide to purchase, and the number of people who will be riding on the board at any given time will influence this desired length.

The more passengers you have on board, the longer the SUP will need to be. If you are only paddling with 2-3 passengers, a 12’ paddle board will be sufficient, and you’ll have enough room to carry all onboard and any additional gear.

If the board is used as a party SUP where you may be having up to 6 passengers, you’ll most likely need a SUP with a length of 15’+ that’ll comfortably fit the larger volume of passengers. 


Durability is even more important for multi-person paddle boards than for regular ones. 

SUPs of this type carry more passengers than a traditional board and must be extra durable to withstand the heavier weight and increased risk of damage. 

Inflatable paddle boards can withstand a beating as they don’t ding or dent as a traditional rigid top board would. Tears in the material are highly unlikely but not impossible, so finding a board of good quality will keep multi-person SUPing at the top of your summertime activity list for years to come. 


Standing on a board and paddling by yourself is one thing, but adding in additional people all trying to balance and paddle at the same time could result in you all taking a dip in the water. 

To improve the stability of your SUP, look out for a board with a wide deck and a thickness of 8”; the increased deck space and volume of the SUP will help keep it stable on the water and will improve your chances of not falling in. 


Whether you’ll be using your multi-person paddle board for exploring or as a floating dock in the local lake or river, you’ll want the base of the board to be as comfortable as possible as you’ll be spending a vast amount of time on it. 

A multi-person inflatable SUP has this covered as it is essentially a giant floating squishy pillow that you can relax on all day without any issues.


The package included with the board is another essential factor to consider before purchasing. Paddle boards are already a significant investment on their own, let alone adding additional gear on top if it doesn’t already come with it. 

When looking for multi-person SUPs, you will want the package to come with two paddles, two pumps, fins, and a carry bag.

Tips for Paddling on a Multi Person SUP

Couple relaxing on a manta inflatable paddle board

If you’ve purchased your new multi-person paddle board and you’re ready to hit the water, here are some useful tips to keep your adventure as easy and as enjoyable as possible. 

Inflate as a Team

It’s no surprise that giant paddle boards will take longer to inflate than traditional paddle boards, but if you work as a team, the workload won’t be much different than if you were pumping up a singular person SUP. 

Most multi-person SUPs come with two valves, so you can have two pumps working simultaneously. To make your job even easier, an additional electric pump like the GILI 12v Electric ISUP Pump can be purchased and will have your board inflated in minutes. 

Wear PFDs

No matter what type of stand up paddle board you’re on, wearing a PFD (personal floatation device) is extremely important and could potentially save your life in an emergency. 

A PFD is even more important if the SUP is being used as a party SUP where you may consume alcohol. 

Work as a Team

I’m sure you can imagine that paddling a huge board and all your friends will be hard work, so we suggest getting a paddle in everyone’s hand and working as a team to get your board moving. 


🏆 What are the best multi-person paddle boards on the market?

We’ve managed to narrow down the 5 best paddle boards for multiple people, and they are as follows: 

👍 What should I look out for in a multi-person SUP?

When purchasing a multi-person SUP, you should look out for a few important things. 

The first is the length of the board, and the amount of people you plan on taking out on the SUP at any given time will influence whether you need a board around 12’ or one that’s 15’. 

Next, you want to look out for a high-quality board that is durable and will withstand the additional weight and the higher likelihood of damage. Let’s be honest, the more people on the board, the more likely it is for something to break or tear through general usage. 

Inflatable SUPs with drop stitch technology and PVC material tend to be the highest quality iSUPs on the market. 

Stability also plays a massive part in your decision, as you will want a sturdy board even with numerous people moving on the deck. Boards with wider decks and thicknesses of 8” will provide you with a highly stable paddle board.

If you are out on your board for a long time, comfort will be key. Inflatable boards alone are extremely comfy to hang out on, but an added cushioned traction deck will supply an extra layer of comfort.

Finally, the package included with the board can make all the difference. A SUP is an expensive bit of kit, and purchasing a multi-person paddle board without the complete kit will mean you’ll have to buy additional things like paddles and pumps separately.

🏝️ What is the most stable paddle board?

The 15’ GILI Manta Ray has a large deck of 56” with an 8” thickness to keep a maximum weight capacity of 1150 lbs stable out on the water.

Boards with wide and thick decks supply a larger surface area and reduce your chances of falling in the water.

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